Are you fully LIVING ALIVE?

Watching my daughter literally FLY around the stage, in front of hundreds of people and judges, at her Irish Dance competition, reminded me that she is fully LIVING Alive Healthy & Fit!!


Alessandra Irish Dancing


Her confidence, presence and love of dance were evident through her bright and happy face. CAN YOU SAY THAT ABOUT YOURSELF?

Yes, she is only 14, and she is healthy and… BUT she could be dancing in her room alone, but instead she is #SHARING what she #LOVES with others (and winning a few medals at the same time doesn’t hurt.) Bottom line is SHE IS LIVING. SHE IS being #Vulnerable, #Brave, and getting out there. Not something I am sure I could have done at 10-14 years of age. Don’t let the “details” hold you back from truly Living!What are you holding back on completing in your life? What dreams are left unrealized? What do you long to do, but details are holding you back? When you were a child, what did you dream of doing? Are there things from your past that you gave up in order to make more time for other things, believing you didn’t have time for both?



If you were given millions of dollars, tax-free, and never had to work for money again, what would you do with your newly gained time? … Give yourself some time to think about the things that add meaning to your life and bring it value. Life begins when you choose to start fully Living! What are you waiting for? Read more inspiration in Mary’s new book Breathe Believe Become. You have the power to Live Alive, Healthy & Fit and I know you can! 


Love & Light,



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