Need A Personal Day?

Are you Afraid To Take A Personal Day? In a week when I was feeling overwhelmed with life, I said out loud, “I need a week off.” Then it hit me, I couldn’t take a week off of work that moment, or from being a wife and mother, but I could take a day or half day!
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Is Your “Team” Supporting You?

I have the most amazing “team” of people that surrounds me. Do you? Not only do they call me out on accountability, but I know that they are there to answer questions, provide quality feedback, and help me to move forward in the direction of my dreams and goals. 
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Is Your Body Insulin Resistant?

The way we eat today will affect how our bodies, are able to not only digest food, but balance out any glucose (sugar), that we take in as fuel. More and more, doctors are noticing that anyone who utilizes simple carbs and sugars to get through their days, are becoming insulin resistant, as they age.
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