‘Breathe Believe Become’ Book

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Are you someone who TALKS about living the life of your dreams but doesn’t know where to START?

Do YOU want to make life changes but don’t believe it is possible for you?

In Breathe Believe Become, Mary Caroline Craig, Certified Integrative Health & Fitness Coach, shows you how to live your best life!

  • Begin to LIVE your life, not let your life just happen TO you!
  • Create achievable goals and find inspiration to go after them.
  • Move through fear and resistance to live the life you deserve.
  • Take control of your life TODAY!

What is the worst that could happen? You could actually achieve a goal you have only dreamed of! It is possible for anyone to live their best life with dedication, hard work, and motivation. You CAN reach goals you currently think are out of reach. I have done it myself. Learn from my challenges, how to overcome your own.

Everything is possible when you BREATHE, BELIEVE, BECOME.
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“With hard work, belief, dedication and the motivation to ‘feel strong again – inside and out,’ everything in my life changed. I took control, set challenging goals, and went after them. Now I am truly LIVING my life.”

  • Recovered from debilitating spinal injuries
  • Began to walk, run, then race marathons
  • Became 80 pounds lighter
  • Overcame depression & transformed relationships
  • Learned to swim at age 38 to race triathlon

It is YOUR turn to Breathe, Believe, Become!

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