Don’t Let FEAR Get In The Way!

I want to share a breakthrough I had today! I am someone who LOVES to move, be outside and enjoys the way the exercising makes me feel – from the inside out! But, for the past several months I have felt like a prisoner in my own home. I work there, live there, and raise my children there. But those aren’t the...
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Are you fully LIVING ALIVE?

Alessandra Irish Dancing
Watching my daughter literally FLY around the stage, in front of hundreds of people and judges, at her Irish Dance competition, reminded me that she is fully LIVING Alive Healthy & Fit!!     Her confidence, presence and love of dance were evident through her bright and happy face. CAN YOU SAY THAT ABOUT YOURSELF?
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What is Balance? Have you found it?

Balance, the new buzz word in health for this decade. It is what we all want, what we all need, and yet most don’t even know what it truly is or how to get it. So the search continues. It hit me this summer when I was describing to my daughter, how to drive her grandfather’s boat. “You can’t just...
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