Warm Phytonutrients ~ Simple Tomato Soup you will Love!

    My daughter and I love to cook but don’t take nearly enough time to experiment as we used to. We agreed that every Tuesday night we will cook together and create loving food that warms our heart and our bellies!  Can’t wait to share even more, easy to make, creations with you. What are phytonutrients? They are chemical compounds that...
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Who doesn’t LOVE PB & Choc?!!

  Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bars.. that taste like your favorite cookies! Healthy, Nutritious AND YUMMY… that is the way I like to enjoy my treats and you can too with this simple and quick NO BAKE Protein bar recipe. VEGAN and a great post-workout treat! For a self-proclaimed PB/Choc. lover these SAVE me around the holidays and any other...
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Holiday recipes you will be thankful for!

Image of cut yams
  I was so busy cooking I forgot to share with you some of my favorite winter holiday dishes. They scream “comfort” without going overboard on calories, so you can have them once a week during the winter months.
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