Fat Tuesday Doesn’t Need to End!

What? You say! As a child, Fat Tuesday meant having a sugary dessert but otherwise ordinary day in our home. We often were encouraged to give up “sweets” for lent in our Christian home. Never made it all the way through since I used “I have a birthday in March” As a way to get SOME sweets during that time. But nonetheless it was more about SUGAR than it ever was about FAT!

Fast forward to today… you ask, how can FAT TUESDAY become Every Day? Well it isn’t a fad, and it isn’t going away anytime soon, but Fat is all the rage. Maybe it is because we have been tricked for years, into thinking that Fat was the problem, when all along we were eating more and more sugar. Fat-Free was covering products in my kitchen, I ate margarine as a child and sugar day after day.

What happened? Well scientist got a lot savvier, and not as afraid of big business (well sort of) and have been sharing that fat is what we all need more of, and that sugar is what has been leading our country (and the world) down a dangerous spiraling hole. It is addictive (I should know) and creating more disease than ever before. Ever wonder why type 2 diabetes is no longer a disease of the “old”? Children as young as 4 and 5 are being diagnosed and I blame the government for it. Subsidies for years, have driven prices down and advertising right into the hands of our children and ourselves. Okay, off my soapbox – and back to fat!

Fat? Well, we need it – and obviously not the trans-fat and highly engineered varieties. Also, not all “good” fats are playing equal. Keep an eye out for “Organic” (pesticide/chemical free), “First Cold Pressed” (so you aren’t getting the 3rd or 4th press of oil that appears cloudier and heat is often used to expel more which then compromises the nutrients within), and if possible stay clear of most vegetable oils since they can cause not only clogging in our heart, but also in the brain (think dementia, depression, anxiety).

SO, what kind IS best you ask?
First Cold Pressed Avocado Oil
Coconut Oil
First Cold Pressed Olive Oil
Avocado, seeds, nuts and more!
Choose all forms organic, if possible.


When we combine HEALTHY FAT, Fiber & Protein in one meal, it keeps us full, encourages fat loss, feeds our brain, and so much more. Will this take some time to wrap your brain around? Yes, but do give it a try. Your HEART will thank you… take it slow and add in the good stuff daily!

SO, For FAT TUESDAY and BEYOND… this girl is going for it, and I hope you will too!

Want to learn more on how to burn fat, with fat? Join me for, where we tackle this head on!

EVERYONE deserves to truly LIVE ALIVE FIT!

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  1. Thanks for the information Mary. I’ve been eating more avocado this year.

    Any recommendations for a nice warm snack before bedtime to help promote keeping the metabolism moving?

    I’m off the 5 hour energy drinks too. YAY!!!

    1. Thank you Benjamin! Before bed on a cold night, I love a warm glass of ‘100% Tart Cherry Juice’. Not only is it great for lowering inflammation, it will warm you up! If you need a heartier snack. Try a spoonful of raw almond or sunflower butter. A bit of healthy protein and fat before bed can give us what we need to get through the night vs eating a sugary treat! Let me know how that works!