Let Go To LIVE

What is holding you back from living the life of your dreams? Are you “waiting” until you look a certain way, feel a certain way, or have a certain level of income, before you start living? Do you need to forgive someone or a challenging time in your life, in order to get past what is keeping you static? Or are you someone who says, “I will start tomorrow”, but “tomorrow” never comes?

In order to move forward we not only have to let go of certain expectations, but also of things in our past that are holding us back. We hear the words “forgive and forget”, but that is easier said than done. I will say, however, that allotting time in your week or day to truly reflect on something that has a hold on your, and making a conscious choice to let it go, WILL change your life.

Does that mean that you have to admit that they were right or what happened to you didn’t count or matter? Of course not.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean admitting the other person is right or the situation didn’t occur. It does mean that you are choosing not to let that time of your life, or the person who might have hurt you, have power over you. It means you are taking back control. You deserve to live a life free from added weight.

So what WILL YOU let go of today? We all have something – and I know you will feel better when you do. Take a walk, think about it and get ready to feel great when you do! LOVE heals!

Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts on how you will Let Go and LIVE!  Have you ever let go of a feeling or something that was holding YOU back? How did you feel? For more about combating fear and letting to fully LIVE your best life, check out my book ‘Breathe Believe Become.’

We all Deserve to Live Alive, Healthy & Fit! Let’s get started!

Love & Light,

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