Need A Personal Day?

Are you Afraid To Take A Personal Day?

In a week when I was feeling overwhelmed with life, I said out loud, “I need a week off.” Then it hit me, I couldn’t take a week off of work that moment, or from being a wife and mother, but I could take a day or half day! Self-care is more than just brushing our teeth and getting in some exercise. It is also important to know when “enough is enough.”

Take a moment to Breathe.

Take a moment to Reflect.

Take a moment to make sure you are headed in the direction of your goals and dreams. Not just in your actions but also in your thoughts and what you speak.

Whether we want to hear it or not, we often bring good or evil to us. Not in the direct way. But in our thoughts and actions. I had car trouble and then I kept dwelling on it and feeling sorry for myself. So what happened. More car trouble in the way of locking my keys in my car and an accident. The later a hit and run while my car was parking in front of my home, while I was on a run, no less. Was I telling the universe that I wanted “more” car trouble, instead of waking up each day grateful that my car was still taking me where I needed to go today? YES. So in that respect. The lack of gratitude didn’t help me out.

Some believe it or not, but synchronicity is real. Call it coincidence or not, we draw a lot of what happens “to us”. If we think of what we want more of, instead of dwelling on what we do not want more of, then we will be a lot better off. Try it. Either way – I needed some time to reflect and get back to a healthy mindset.

Back to Breathing, relaxing, and reflecting 😊.

When we give our bodies a short time each day (even as little as 5 minutes) to meditate, or pause and remind yourself of your goals, then our actions will follow. Don’t think you have time? Think about all the time you waste by not begin focused with your thoughts and energy. If you realigned yourself each morning (along with getting off to a good start with a nourishing breakfast), you would get things done faster, feel better, and have more energy for the day.

Are YOU a workaholic?

Many women I know, in the corporate world, are long overdue for a personal day. Why is that? Do they think they have to work harder than their male counterparts to prove that they deserve the same job or pay? For some this is true. Often they get to the end of the year and actually lose accrued vacation and personal days. Crazy, huh. These self-proclaimed workaholics, are sabotaging their own work. The thinking that, forging through when the going gets tough, can backfire. It can set us back, drain our energy, make us resent our work and not enjoy life anymore.

My husband and I taking a, spur of the moment, half personal day together at the tulip festival in NW, Washington.

By taking even one day off you are ensuring your sanity for one, but more importantly, a much needed brain down time! Not only will your energy be sparked, you might come back with new ideas, a renewed excitement for your job, and appreciation for a day spent doing nothing at all. Just take care of yourself. Maybe take a walk, read a book, take a bath, or enjoy a cup of tea. You can wear pajamas all day if you want. But most important do something just for you, no phones or electronics if possible. Disconnect and therefore recharge!

Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts on how you will take time for you! Have you ever taken a last minute personal day? How did you feel and if you made it a regular treat. Or are you someone who is afraid to take a For more about combating stress and learning to “breathe” within your life, check out my book ‘Breathe Believe Become.’

We all Deserve to Live Alive, Healthy & Fit! Let’s get started!

Love & Light,

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