Mary’s presentations are designed to educate, inspire and empower individuals to Live Fully Alive, Healthy, & Fit.

Let Mary inspire YOU and your group, school or organization, to think outside the box about life, career objectives, achieving life goals, fitness accomplishments, and overall health. Please reach out to Mary about your unique needs for a speaker, and she will customize her presentation just for your group!

Speaking Topics

Athlete Lifestyle & Bio-Hacks for Faster Recovery
Breath, Believe & Become your Best Self!

Inspiring YOU to Live Fully Alive, Healthy & Fit!
Athlete Nutrition…Fueling For Life
Is your BRAIN holding you back from living the life of YOUR Dreams?
5 Keys to Health for Life
How Lowering Inflammation WILL Saves your Life!

Looking for a unique presentation? Work with Mary to tailor a presentation to fit your needs.

Mary Caroline Craig’s Bio

Mary Caroline Craig, INHC, RYT, is the founder of Caroline Patrick Inc, dba Live Alive Fit. Author, Coach, Athlete & Inspirational Speaker – Mary believes it is possible for everyone to live their best life. Having not only a background in fitness as a young dancer, elite multisport racer, and yoga instructor, but also as a mother and wife, Mary has a unique way she approaches fitness. Making significant life changes won’t be easy but it can be simple. Even with limited time, it is possible to make great changes in your life while being present in you and your family’s lives. She found balance and you can too.

Mary knows, first-hand, what it is like to live on the sidelines of life for years. In 2009, she lay in bed, recovering from three slipped discs, sciatic pain and hardly being able to walk. Mary decided she didn’t want to live this way any longer. With hard work, belief, dedication and the motivation of a goal to “feel strong again – inside and out”, she began to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Mary fully recovered, without surgery, become 80 pounds lighter, began walking, then running, competed in marathons, learned to swim at age 38, started racing (not just completing) triathlons and now is a full time life, nutrition coach, multisport coach, yoga instructor and duathlete, enjoying every minute of her days. “I GET to help others achieve greater health in their lives. That is the best part.”

Everything in life changed because she set achievable goals and went after them. Along the way, she gained more clarity for what was important in life, spend quality time with her children and husband each week and had learned to live fully in the present by releasing control of things that weren’t hers, and letting go of things from her past. “I am truly LIVING my life, not just letting life happen to me.”

She has a sincere passion for life and love of people. Mary believes it is possible for anyone to live a full life with dedication, hard work, belief, accountability and motivation to reach goals even they think are out of reach – all with laughter and fun along the way!

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Some Recent Speaking Topics Include

  • Seattle Bike Show, “Athlete Lifestyle & Bio-Hacks for Faster Recovery” – Seattle, WA, 2017
  • Online public webinar, “Why Energy Drinks & Gels are Destroying YOUR Health, Performance & Slowing Your Recovery!” – 2017
  • Corporate Private Event, “Women’s Health = Wealth, Inspiring you to Live Your Best Life.” – Bellevue, WA 2016
  • Seattle Bike Show, “Athlete Nutrition…Fueling for Life”- Seattle, WA, 2016
  • Fruition Yoga & Wellness Teacher Training, “Athlete Nutrition for Yoga Teachers” – Seattle, WA, 2015

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Sharon Anderson, The Wave Foundation President

“Mary spoke on behalf of The WAVE Foundation/ Cycle the WAVE. As an organization committed to empowering women through the love of fitness, we were fortunate to have Mary share her powerful story. She was knowledgeable, engaging, passionate, enthusiastic and convincing as she spoke about ways to bring fitness and good nutrition into your life.”

Peter Verbrugge, Seattle Event Director

“As the event director for Cascade Bicycle Club’s long-running ‘Seattle Bike Expo’, I had the opportunity to program many top speakers and athletes over the past decade. Mary Caroline Craig gave a wonderful presentation on our main stage in 2014 that captivated, educated and informed the audience. She brings a wealth of knowledge and strong passion for inspiring people to better their lives through better health, fitness and improved focus. I was impressed that she was able to tailor her presentation to any number of topics I requested and look forward to working with her again soon.”