The Athlete Upgrade
Faster, Leaner & More Efficient in 28 Days!

You get to choose each day to live fully alive, healthy and fit.

The Athlete Upgrade will set you up to perform faster, leaner & more efficient, both on the track and in your amazing life!

What Are You Looking to Upgrade?

If 3+ of these apply, this course is for YOU!

  • Training 3-5x a week for a specific goal without getting desired results.
  • Eating clean but not seeing or feeling results you want.
  • Strapped for time, but want to improve training & recovery efficiency.
  • High carb diet is wreaking havoc on your digestive system.
  • Need help understanding training cycles & the affects on your body composition during different seasons.
  • You are confused by all the information out there & can’t wait to have an expert help sort through what is right for YOU!

THE ATHLETE UPGRADE will help you…

  • Increase your awareness of foods that directly affect your performance.
  • Create & put into action your own “Athlete Nutrition Solution” protocol.
  • Understand how a high carb/sugar diet can affect your long term health & how to adopt a fuel efficient diet!
  • Embrace an anti-inflammatory protocol to address underlying chronic disease.
  • Stress 101: Uncovering the obvious & hidden forms of stress.
  • Get to the root of your cramping issues. It’s way more than just hydration!
  • What types of recovery could benefit YOU personally.
  • Mindset Mastery: overcoming resistance and fear.

What’s Included In This Course?

The Athlete Upgrade is a personal and “high touch” professional athlete community where we sift through the maze of conflicting information, simplify and streamline it all so you can enjoy a personalized health upgrade!


You will create a personal nutrition guide for before, during & after exercise - to keep you performing at your best.


with your Coach Mary Caroline Craig, including “Ask The Expert” sessions. A chance to deep dive into clinical questions YOU have!


You will create your own recovery & lifestyle protocol - to keep your energy high & increase mental clarity.


Access to the private Facebook support group to share & ask questions!

The Athlete Upgrade Top 10 Checklist

Your Readiness Assessment - get clear on where you are & where you are headed!


with fitness & medical experts. Learn from the best in our fitness & nutrition fields!

Course Modules

Module 1: Athlete Detox

We will identify symptoms and triggers that cause you fatigue & stomach issues during exercise, poor recovery & digestion. During this module, we will go beyond the benefits of kale and blueberries to dive into the latest science research on how nutrition influences performance & health.

Module 2: Fueling the Athlete

In this module we will dive right into what fuel and hydration options will give you overall nutrition balance. Using a bio-individual approach, you will learn what to eat before, during and after exercise in order to maximize performance efficiency and help you lean out while making you stronger!

Module 3: Champion Mindset

Change your mind, change your performance outcome! Mindset isn’t just about great goal setting, it is about habit formation and follow through. You will create your true ‘Why’, combat fear & resistance, utilize community support, practice visualization, and more.

Module 4: Recovery for Performance

The last week of your program we will focus on your recovery for greater performance efficiency! You will learn the latest lifestyle bio-hacking tools to encourage optimal recovery and increased quality of life.

Meet Your Coach

Mary Caroline Craig is an Author, Integrative Nutrition & Mindset Expert, Multisport Coach, & competitive Athlete. She is passionate about helping her clients create the amazing life they want to live, and deserve! Life wasn’t always as it seems. Mary endured debilitating back injuries, weight gain, and living a life on the sidelines for 10 years before she took her life back and CHOSE to LIVE ALIVE FIT.

Mary is a graduate of The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and Full Body Systems with Holistic Nutrition Lab, a Registered Yoga Teacher, four time Team USA age group Athlete, & Inspirational Speaker. Mary lives in beautiful Seattle, WA with her husband and two daughters. A native of the Pacific NW, Mary enjoys the outdoors in the Northwest’s clean, fresh air year round.

Click Here for a 15 minute clarity session with Mary to ensure this course is right for you!


I hope all of us can learn from Mary Caroline Craig’s wisdom. We all possess a drive to succeed, if we can just find it.”

Brian J. Krabak M.D., M.B.A., FACSM, Sports Medicine Physician & Olympic Team USA Doctor

Coach Mary helped me see myself as an endurance athlete. Now, considering I am in my late 40s, a mother of two, and have never before been an athlete, that is no small feat! She helped me acquire the tool kit necessary to fulfill the vision – from bike skills to training plans, nutritional guidelines, and emotional encouragement. Under her guidance, I increased my mileage and raised my hopes – 200k, 300ks, even-why not?- dreaming of 400k. Not bad for a mom! Thank you, Mary!”

[Client Update, Ana qualified & participated in the Paris-Brest-Paris 1200km World Randonneuring event 2015.]

Ana M

“Mary has been a tremendous influence on the continued improvement of my personal health over the past several years. In addition to her awesome physical training skill set, she has helped me get beyond the various mental barriers to help me achieve real success. She brings a holistic overview to her teaching, lined with a strong educational background in nutrition all rooted by her own real-world knowledge. I think the fact that she has personally gone through weight and fitness battles makes her uniquely qualified to help others facing the same everyday challenges.”

Peter V


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Step SIX: Upgrade a few recipes, try new lifestyle ideas & discover new efficiency techniques!

Step SEVEN: Forever change your performance by upgrading to comprehensive training, functional nutrition, and lifestyle upgrades!


BONUS #1: ‘Hydration For Athletes’ with Chief Nutritionist from Nuun Hydration. Nuun inspires a healthier, happier, more active lifestyle so that everyone can achieve life’s next personal best!

BONUS #2: ‘Recovery Spotlight’, Prevention & Recovery techniques that work!

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More Praise

“Mary is an inspiring coach who knows when to push me, pull me back, and always gets me to work just a little harder. She is always bright, energetic, positive and smiling! She is so good at catching you when you are doing it “right”, reinforcing good technique or focus. She clearly cares about each individual in the class, taking us to the next level, teaching us to listen to our bodies. She values the importance of posture and position on the bike, alignment and efficiency. She helps us focus on breathing for increased energy and quick recovery. Mary’s personal story of overcoming debilitating injuries and her journey back to health through fitness and nutrition keeps me going when my own aches and pains try to pull me down. She inspires me to take charge of my life and work harder to get stronger.”

Katherine H

“I have known Mary Craig for 20+ years. During this breadth of time I have provided clinical support towards her recovery from significant health challenges. “Support” is the key word as it was Mary’s innate will, passion and self-directed education that brought her to her current state of balanced health, vitality and peak performance. The culmination of this process is now being shared and its value to the reader is immeasurable.”

Dr. David S. Maxwell DC