Why Athletes Fail to Reach Their Goals & Nutrition Isn’t Talked About Enough!

Mary end of race asthma and fatigue

More and more of my athletes are coming to me for the same reason. They have tried everything they know, are eating what they believe to be “clean” but aren’t seeing the results they want & know they deserve!

It isn’t just you – and you don’t have to be an athlete to be thinking these things. More and more people are noticing that they might have to make some kind of change but they aren’t sure what it is. 

Well – you came to the right place. After years of suffering from allergies, asthma, cramping, diarrhea during runs, poor sleep, increasing amounts of inflammation, and feeling tired most of the time…I had to find out why. What I learned from my functional and integrative nutrition studies blew me away.

It wasn’t just that I needed more sleep, needed more water, and should eat more greens. I needed to take a closer look at what I had been told for years. The way I was supposed to eat, wasn’t working and in fact was putting my long term health at risk. All those years ago, Hippocrates knew, so why are we still “guessing” and trying to make it not about food.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ~Hippocrates

Well, for me, before I was a serious athlete – it was because food carried emotion & when it finally didn’t anymore – change meant being socially uncool. Going to parties and either not eating or having to say “no thank you” because you don’t want to eat dairy, sugar or tons of gluten, meant I was weird or ate “strange.” It became easier to tell people that I was allergic than it was to say, “I am choosing” not to eat them. I no longer feel that way, but it took my being able to explain ‘why’ to feel good about standing up for myself. Mary at the finish line bent over after a race.Once I got serious about my racing, I needed to dig deeper. Why did I have allergies? Is asthma really something you can get rid of? Will there ever be a race that I don’t callapse in need of medics, at the finish? Does the way I eat really affect the quality of my sleep? Can my recovery improve if I eat differently after my days training? The Answer to ALL of these and so many more, is “yes”! I have changed the way I eat & live, and it has improved my performance & life, in ways I could have only dreamed.

Want to learn more secrets to how nutrition might be affecting you? Check out The Athlete Upgrade tab on my website for more information on Athlete Nutrition & Lifestyle. I have been working to consolidate my comprehensive content for Athletes into one place for you all to enjoy!

The Athlete Upgrade logo We need to keep asking questions, looking out for ourselves, and NOT allowing others to tell us what is best for us. We are all unique and bio-individual so we need to be treated as such.

Have questions or comments about how taking a closer look at your nutrition could benefit you? Reach out to me. I work one-on-one and with groups! You DESERVE to feel amazing – we all do!

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Let me help YOU get clear on what we really need!

EVERYONE deserves to truly LIVE ALIVE FIT!



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