Why do YOU Detox?

So much talk about detox’s and cleanses with the start of the new year.
Have you ever tried one? Do you think it did any good?

I believe the key to a good “detox” is to realize WHY you are doing it. If you KNOW you need to detox from caffeine, sugar, or inflammation foods, then do it! If you are trying it, just to try it, proceed with caution and make sure you are checking in with your health coach or physician to make sure you are aren’t depriving yourself of key nutrients while you remove others! Support both in inside your body and out (community) are what will bring you success. So, bottom line, remove a few things that aren’t serving you, and add a few great things that will support you, inside and out!


I have tried a few but they were very targeted and I knew that they would help me specifically. A sugar detox – great for all since sugar is so toxic and it is snuck into many foods we eat – and liver detox – another that ALL could benefit from by myself especially since I don’t have a gall bladder so put added duties on my liver to perform at a higher level!

We have amazing bodies and yes, our Kidney’s and Liver are amazing natural detoxifiers for our bodies, but with the chemical burdens we place on them each day, they need some support. Not only are toxins ingested in the water we drink and food we eat but also in the air we breathe. When I travel to a place that doesn’t have as clean of air as Seattle, I am constantly reminded, and grateful, for where I live!

In 2010 it was estimated that the average US resident has a toxic load of 212 compounds and metabolites (what they break down into.) Of those, 75 found new since their last study 5 years prior.

Some include: pesticides, heavy metals, plastics, air pollution, cosmetics, sun block, hand sanitizer, some antibiotics and more.

Our homes are filled with things that can harm us so we need to do our part to educate ourselves on what is healthy and what is not. For ideas on how to make your home healthy, I like the book “The Healthy Home” by Dr. Myron Wentz.

A few of my favorite Liver/Inflammation DETOX & CLEANSE Herbs to add to your shopping list!

Garlic Bulb: One of it’s many qualities is that it protects the liver against heavy metal damage. It also removes mercury, lead, and cadmium from your liver that can build up and not allow your liver to function properly.
Who doesn’t love baked garlic or sautéed garlic with onions and used to make a simple and tasty, warm tomato soup? Yum!

Turmeric Root: The yellow color in Turmeric comes from curcuminoids. They scavenge free radicals and regular your immune system as needed.1 It is also an anti-inflammatory.2 Cool huh.
Okay, I know there is a lot of talk about this root and some of you have still never tried it. Ground, you can add it to many meals and hardly notice it is there. Ask your produce person where to find it fresh and how to use it!

Dandelion Root: This is a great one because it truly supports a healthy liver. Not only does it help manage blood sugar, it holds inflammation at bay and reduces your risk for tumors. Bam. It can even fortify the liver against alcohol toxicity but boosting antioxidants.3 There is even some research that shows it can help heal liver fibrosis by encouraging liver cells to regenerate.4
For those who want to try dandelion in an easy to use form… try this drink mix you just add to water. It is even a great coffee substitute with NO caffeine.

When I make changes in my life, they are rarely short term. I believe that if something is worth doing, it is worth continuing to do. Think about it. If our body needs a sugar or alcohol detox post holidays, don’t you think we should consider continuing this throughout the year? Not saying “never” but keeping the idea that “a little goes a long way!” Not to mention – if you make a long-term commitment to you & your health, you are more likely to keep it!

YOU are worth all the amazing things you do for your body today! So what is holding you back? Get out there and try something new. Your body will love you for it!

We all Deserve to Live Alive, Healthy & Fit! Let’s get started!

Love & Light,

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